Advanced Power Systems 1 & 2

Course Description

The course is divided into the following topics with each topic having several modules in them

  1. Advanced Topics in Power System Protection 

    Protection, Control and Monitoring by Mark Adamiak

    Digital Relays by Bogdan Kasztenny

  2. Power System Grid Management  

    Grid Management and PMUs by Jay Giri

    Weather Forecasting, Energy Markets and Wind Energy Dispatch by Mark Ahlstrom

    Cyber Security for Power Systems by Manimaran Govindarasu

    Power system Dynamics by Prof. Udaya Annakage

  3. Power System Planning 

    Power System Planning by Hyde Merrill

    Demand Side Management by Clark Gellings

    Transient Stability by Tom Overbye

  4. Power System Reliability and Demand Forecasting

    Power System Reliability by Chanan Singh

    Short Term Demand Forecasting by Gerald Shelbe

  5. Distribution System Engineering 

    Distribution Generation and Interconnection by Michael Ropp

    Power Quality by Surya Santoso