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The vision behind CUSP™ is to provide all the resources an instructor needs in teaching his/her own courses in the field of Electric Energy Systems with an emphasis on sustainability. This effort has been funded from various organizations including NSF, ONR (Office of Naval Research), NASA and EPRI and is totally free-of-cost under the Terms of Use conditions.

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What is CUSP™?

CUSP™ will include universities that have come together to utilize, collectively evolve and promote the curriculum developed at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with the help of funding from various organizations including NSF, ONR (Office of Naval Research), NASA and EPRI.

Our vision in creating this consortium is to create a global community of teaching/learning scholars whose mission is to provide a first-rate education in the field of Electric Energy Systems with an emphasis on sustainability.

CUSP™ Curriculum:

This curriculum consists of the following 3 undergraduate courses (and 15 more graduate-level courses in Power Electronics, Electric Drives, Power Systems, Power System Protection and Electric-Machine Design being developed, partially through ONR funding):

  • Power Electronics
  • Electric Machines and Drives, and
  • Electric Power Systems

Electric Power Curriculum

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NSF Workshop 2021

NSF-Sponsored ECE Department Heads and Faculty Online Workshop

Dissemination of Electric “Power” Courses/Laboratories Developed through ONR Funding

Monday, March 8, 2021

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New low cost basic and advanced electric drives laboratory.
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List of Courses

The following courses are offered :

Power Systems

Electric Power systems Electricity MarketsPower Generation Operation and Control

Power System Protection Advanced Power Systems 1&2 HVDC

Power Electronics

Digital Control of Power Electronics   Introduction to Power Electronics

Advanced Power Electronics I   Advanced Power Electronics II

WBG Devices

Electric Machines & Drives

Electric Machines and Drives   Electric Machine Design

Vector Control of Drives   FEA for Machine Design

Analysis and Control : Simulation and Lab Implementation

Renewable Energy

Wind Energy Essentials