NSF Workshop 2023 - July 27, 2023

Providing Hands-on Experience in Electric Power Engineering Education (ONLINE)

Workshop Agenda

Welcome and the Relevance of Hands-on Education: 

                        Aranya Chakrabortty – Program Director, National Science Foundation     -  Recording 

UMN Team – A brief overview of these laboratories- Recording Part1,  Part2,  Part3

Discussion of laboratories for courses on

    Advanced Power Electronics Lab- Recording

    Electric Drives and their Control Lab- Recording  Part1  Part2

    Power Systems Lab using PSSE and Python - Recording

    Climate Crisis : Implementing Solutions Lab - Recording (Climate Crisis and Sustainable Electricity Lab)

    Sustainable Electricity Supply: Renewables and Conservation Lab   

 taught at the undergraduate and the graduate level.  

 Discussion of workforce development in power engineering by democratizing technical education through technical and community colleges offering a Certificate in “Electric Power Engineering.”  -  Recording