HVDC Transmission Systems

Course Slides

AC to DC Line  Conversion (Click PDF icon here)

Basics of HVDC - AC Compared to DC (Click PDF icon here)

Physics of Corona - AC vs DC (Click PDF icon here)

Course Modules

Power Systems

Electric Power systems Electricity MarketsPower Generation Operation and Control

Power System Protection Advanced Power Systems 1&2 HVDC


Quiz with Answers (PDF icon PDF)

Module 1: Basics of HVDC (Length: 30 min 28 seconds)

HVDC course 1 Ram Adapa

Module 2: HVDC System Configurations (Length: 28 min 33 seconds)

HVDC course 2 Ram Adapa

Module 3: Physics of Corona AC vs DC (Length: 37 min 43 seconds)

HVDC course 3 Ram Adapa

Module 4: HVDC vs HVAC and AC to DC Line Conversion (Length:36 min 46 seconds)

HVDC course 4 Ram Adapa

Module 5: Advantages of AC-DC Conversion (Length: 10 min 13 seconds)

HVDC course 5 Ram Adapa