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Workshop on Electric Energy Systems Curriculum for Sustainability

Funded by ONR (Award no. N000141110653, Center for Developing and Disseminating a Graduate/Undergraduate Curriculum in Electric Energy Systems to Universities and Practicing Engineers)
Funded by NSF (Award no. 1137653, ONR/NSF-Sponsored Workshops on Reforming Graduate/Undergraduate Curriculum in Electric Energy Systems)

Workshop Objectives 

Discuss reforming the Electric Energy Systems Curriculum with emphasis on sustainability

  • Describing and disseminating the developed undergraduate curriculum
  • Developing the graduate curriculum through recent ONR funding
  • Creating a large and vibrant community of teaching/learning scholars

Friday, February 8, 2013 




Coffee and Registration


Welcoming Remarks:

Prof. Mos Kaveh, Assoc. Dean of CSE
- Univ. of Minnesota
Dr. Peter Cho, Program Officer
– Office of Naval Research 


Reforming Power-Related Curriculum -
Ned Mohan


Open Discussion and Networking break


DOE Consortium: Nationwide Dissemination of Instructional Laboratories in Electric Energy Systems
– Bill Robbins


Flipped Classroom Pedagogy
– Ned Mohan


Open Discussion


Lunch (on your own)


Making Use of State-of-the-Art Software and Hardware in Teaching

Power Electronics Lab

Electric Machines and Drives Lab using a (NEW!) very low-cost digital controller

Power Systems Lab using state-of-the-art software such as PowerWorld & PSCAD/EMTDC

Power Systems Protection Lab using Schweitzer Relays


Poster Session and Reception -
Paul Imbertson

Saturday, February 9, 2013 






Importance of Reform in Electric Energy Systems Education

Dr. George Maracas, Program Director – NSF

Dr. Pramod Khargonekar, Deputy Director for Technology – ARPA-E

Dr. Dejan Sobajic, Technical Advisor - NYISO

Dr. Krishna Shenai, Argonne National Laboratory

Mr. Clark Gellings, EPRI


Coffee Break


ONR-Funded Graduate Curriculum Development

Introduction to Graduate Courses

Advanced Power Electronics:
   Bill Robbins
   Hariharan Krishnaswami
   Kaushik Basu
   Nisa Khan

Advanced Power Systems:
   Ram Adapa
   Dharshana Muthumuni
   Udaya Annakkage
   Hyde Merrill - 1 2
   Surya Santoso
   Jay Giri

Wind Energy Essentials

HVDC Transmission Systems
   - Prof. Ani Gole

Electric Machines and Drives: Modeling and Control
   - Prof. Ned Mohan

Power Generation: Operation and Control
   - Prof. Bruce Wollenberg

Designing Electric Machines
   - Mr. Jim Hendershot

Power System Protection
   - Mr. Pratap Mysore

Electricity Markets
   - Prof. Ross Baldick


Lunch (on your own)

Working Group Meetings:
Curriculum Advisory Board
   - Chaired by Mr. Denny Branca,
     Eaton Corporation

ECE Dept Heads/Engineering Deans Working Group
   - Chaired by Dr. Emir Macari,
     Dean of Engineering at
     California State University, Sacramento


Reports of the Working Groups and Discussion


Coffee + Open Discussion


After-Dinner Speech

Rockin' the Bakken - Shale Oil and Gas
   Mr. Kirk Dewey, Associate VP
HDR Engineering, Inc.


Power Systems

Electric Power Systems Electricity Markets Power Generation Operation and Control
Power System Protection Advanced Power Systems High Voltage technology related to Power Systems

Power Electronics

Power Electronics Advanced Power Electronics I Advanced Power Electronics II

Electric Machines & Drives

Electrics Machines and Drives           Electric Machine Design
Vector Control of Drives           Vector Control of Drives

Renewable Energy

Wind Energy Essentials

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