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High Voltage Technology Related to Power Systems

Course Learning Objectives 

This course is intended as senior level undergraduate or graduate level course. Students are expected to have basic knowledge of electric circuit analysis, transient and steady state response, electromagnetics and an introductory course on power system components and operation. The course describes the different sources of overvoltages in power systems, methods of generating and measuring high voltages for testing apparatus. The role of insulating materials (solid, liquid, gases and vacuum) in equipment design is discussed along with the mechanisms of insulation breakdown and nondestructive evaluation. The role of electric field and stress control in the satisfactory operation of power systems is discussed. Finally the course deals with insulation coordination and role played by protective devices like surge arresters in power system operation.

Course Outcome 

Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of factors involved in power system equipment design and testing. Students will understand the relationship of electric stress and power system equipment health. Students will learn methods for calculation of electric fields and nondestructive evaluation of insulation. Students will understand the needs and challenges for power system equipment testing.

Slides for Video Clips 

Course Video Clips 

  • Module 1

     Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2

     Module 2: Overvoltages in power systems
  • Module 3

     Module 3: Gaseous Dielectrics
  • Module 4

     Module 4: Breakdown in gases, Townsend criteria
  • Module 5

     Module 5: Breakdown in gases, Streamer criteria
  • Module 6

     Module 6: Breakdown in solid and liquid dielectrics
  • Module 7

     Module 7: Generation of HV (high voltages)
  • Module 8

     Module 8: Measurement of HV (high voltages)
  • Module 9

     Module 9: Electric fields and stress control
  • Module 10

     Module 10: Electric field calculations
  • Module 11

     Module 11: Surge arresters
  • Module 12

     Module 12: Insulation coordination
  • Module 13

     Module 13: Problems and solutions


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